cats and dogs

A long time ago…in a galaxy far far away…

Wait,that’s not the right beginning…at least this time,anyway. 

 We adopted a dog.  A canine. A ferocious beast.  

 A beagle mix. Simon. 

I was nervous but only in the beginning. Now it’s day three or five and I am good. 

But it’s because  I’ve always been a cat person. And cats are different than dogs. Mostly,because if you have a dog. You are a “dog owner.” If you have a cat…somewhere out in the animal kingdom…your cat is saying; “Well,I just got a person.It took me a few months…but I decided to commit.” 

You don’t own a cat… The cat does whatever it wants. You get affection and attention on its terms. Not yours. You don’t train a cat. The cat trains you. You put food out-maybe it eats it.It depends on what mood it’s in. 

But a dog. 

A dog is completely different. A dog is like a child. You have to take it out. You have to train it. You have to be consistent. A dog is like family.You have a foster family,you have to be approved. You have to spay and neuter. 


Seriously. I never realized how many animals go into these shelters. It’s ridiculous. Some have almost a thousand a month. Spay and neuter your pets.And if you don’t have a pet but want one? adopt.

Simon is great. He takes his baths.Then digs up cat poop,takes some more baths.Runs himself to death. Sleeps on the sofa and in the bed. I tried to be more firm on the bed thing. But …. 

He doesn’t beg for anything. and he’s so smart. I couldn’t say no. 

So yeah. We have a dog. Simon. 

He sits. He understands “No” well,almost. He is just really fond of  L’s scrunchies and shoes….



I don’t have to  tell you 

All the boys 

bought condoms 

And all the girls 

Bought rape whistles and pepper spray 

I don’t have to tell you 

About biting your tongue

And holding back

Or censoring yourself

I don’t have to tell you 

About waking up next to someone 

And it’s not the best part of your day

I don’t have to tell you…

And that is why 

this is

For you 

Because you’ve been there 

You’ve walked those floors 


you stand on your own 

And the thoughts of those 

Who don’t know you 

Can’t touch you 

And the light 

That shines in the darkness 

Is from you 


You are worth coming home to

One step 

At a time 

You’re building your future 
There is 

A light 

That will not go out 

There is a light 

Inside of you 

There is also this crazy idea 


You are worth 


You are worth the great leap 

You are worth 


You are worth 


And freedom 

You are worth 


Amazing sex 

You are 


And no one 

No one else 

Can bring 

What you have 

To the table 



And that 


your power 



“I saw you at the concert last night. Didn’t I?.” She asked. pulling a chair up and sitting down. Michael intentionally looked at his stack of books ignoring the blonde sitting down in front of him.The blonde-pulling her hair up. Damn. It really is the little things. 

 You’ve got this,you’ve seen a lot of John Hughes films. He thought to himself.  “Yeah.” 

See it’s not that hard, you have established communication. You’re probably on the same wave link. He was trying to stay calm. She probably would rather join a group of sky diving nuns than  finish this conversation. Heck. I’d kinda like to see that actually, If this doesn’t go my way quick, maybe she will let me watch. 

He wasn’t doing so good on the calm.

“So,my name is Rachael. Why haven’t I seen you in class? ” she asked. While picking up a book. ” ‘The age of  truth and spirituality.’ That sounds really deep. Or maybe just shallow and muddy. What class is this anyway?” She laughed. Michael choked.  “Oh no… I’m not in classes. It’s not a class. I’m just rooming here…to write. I’m just checking the book out.” He was trying. “Just checking it out, For yourself?” She wasn’t laughing. “Yeah the other night I dreamed I was possessed by satan. So I thought I’d better look into it.” She was grinning. 

Good job.She is still here. She hasn’t left. She could have left,hell, She still can.But she hasn’t. 

“And did it help?” She crossed her arms. 

Michael counted three planet tattoos across the back of her arm. Along with a few scars. “Not really. Or not yet.But I haven’t gotten very far either.” He said. “So you could still be possessed? I should probably leave then? Cause I definitely didn’t make room in my schedule for exorcisms.”  

I raise your sarcasm with dark humor. 

“No you’re good now. I dreamed I was talking to my dead friend last night. So you’re good. He just committed suicide…so it’s totally safe. Any damage I may do will probably be self inflicted.” She just stared at him.Blankly. Rubbing her scars. 

 What were we going for? Dark humor…suicide…never involved with dark humor …unless you’re attempting to jump from a window and its barred shut…fix this.. 

But don’t worry, I’m totally fine…I’m a lazy person …I tried… I did…I  was going to jump from a window but then I ate some bad tuna…so I called poison control…got stuck with that for two hours.” she laughed.

  Good job…god she has beautiful eyes. 

“You were going to commit suicide but then you poisoned yourself and didn’t want to die?”

“Oh no. Not like that. I’m going out my way. Not because some fish got pissed off for being stuffed in a can and decided to go bad.”

 Rachael leaned forward.

” But you’re going to be here for a while?”

“Well, yeah. Atleast  a weekend.”

“Good.of course. I’m not really here.” 

“Mmmhhm. Right. You can come by tomorrow. I’ll be writing then.”

“Then maybe I’ll stop by after class. My aunt runs the place.” She got up.

“Oh I look forward to it.”