wild,wild horses 

(Photo origin unknown)

wild,wild horses,couldn’t drag me away ” – The Rolling Stones 

When it’s 1 am 

Somewhere between 

a hospital bed 

And a dark,darker than dark 

I’ll be by your side

 laying down beside you …


Wild,wild horses,Couldn’t drag me away 

Maybe this is…

Enough to fill the page 

The Inspirational Blogger Award

Thank you,Kara
For nominating me for this award.
Everyone be sure to go check out her
Amazing Site.I’ve been a big fan for a while.
This is the second time I’ve been nominated for this award but the first for 2015
I don’t see anything against seconds
one can get more than 1 Oscar…so why not?


Thank the blogger who nominated you
List the rules and display the award
Share seven facts about yourself
Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them

There’s not a lot you don’t know about me…I’m an open book.
I’m southern
I don’t drive a truck
Or fish
Or hunt
My friends say I’m more like a british person but without the accent
I don’t know what that means
But here we are.
Sometimes I zone out while people are talking to me
And imagine they’re getting hit by a comet. If that helps in any way.
Of course I like books
And theatre…
And coffee…
I mean most of us do though,right?

Writing does not come easy for me
It never has
I get an idea
And I just kind of carry it around for a while and then I let it go
So in that way,it is,easy I suppose.
But only in a very “let’s climb Mount Kilimanjaro” sort of way,you know?.

I was homeschooled
And no,I can not speak Latin,French or any other amazingly impressive languages…or design homes and my future family…
However I may clean my glasses while talking with you…but don’t take it personally…its me,not you.

I am not against television
Joss Whedon is where it’s at
Vampires are meant to be slain
And Brown Coats all the way.
X-files,Star Trek. Among many more.
Also…Netflix is truly…truly …an amazing thing.
Netflix doesn’t care what you’re wearing …reserve a show
Cook something
Break out the best plates and champagne.
But I bet you already knew that
Didn’t you?.

I hate sports
I spent a summer playing golf
It was horrible
It’s highly overrated
And expensive
I also played baseball when I was younger
But then I fractured my hand
On the up side
I can now tell you when it’s going to rain
And be more accurate than the weather man.
Because of my weather hand.
Maybe I could make money from that?

I love food
Non italian
Any food really
Which is unfortunate
Because I have Crohn’s disease
And that can make the food obsession
A little difficult to navigate
But I manage.
Thank you again for this nomination
I hope you all keep writing
And reading
And we all continue to make
Good Art
What else is there?

The time capsule


So I guess this social media thing is here to stay…
Which is weird for me
Mostly because 10 – 13 years ago it wasn’t a thing …
But then neither was any of us
We were all awkward
Without very much to say
And who knows maybe one day
we can go dig up that home made time capsule from 1999
and retrieve the green screened Nokia flip phone
And return to Tetris!

But seriously
Back then nobody was that social
I remember this because
If you wanted people to know you were having a baby?
A wedding?
You had to make an investment
You went and laid down your satchel
And got a professional picture made
And put that thing in the paper
For ….pretty much your local community to see.
Not the entire world.
But some parents
And people
Always got worked up about it
Shaking their heads
They’d comment on the stupidity
And the vanity
Of it all
“Someone is going to steal that baby,idiots.”
They’d say.
And I always pictured
A creeper van driving through town reading the paper
Taking names
And addresses
Of adorably vain new couples

You have smart phones
In the delivery room
Husbands taking sweaty pictures
Of their wives faces
“Hold your hand??
Hold on,just one more of your vagina
That way the baby knows where it came from.”
Regardless of the sex of said baby
Trust me
At some point in their future
They will be familiar again
With the vagina
No one
Wants to see those pictures

The government
can see those pictures
And trust me
They don’t care about it that much
To prove this
And settle the argument forever
they decided to really slow things down
Through the smart television
Now they can WATCH you
Interesting ….
You would think
All the porn searches
And pictures of cats would have slowed them down
Or at least depressed them…
Now they are going to see you watching Netflix
And crying
While eating Cheetos
And Krystals before passing out
Because Krystals is like thanksgiving
In a little bun.
Where as Taco Bell?
More like black tar Heroin.
Almost kills you…but you just keep coming back for that last hit.

Social media ruined my childhood dream of reading people’s minds
It’s not that interesting
I don’t care about your 5th date/love of your life.
I just want to beat you at trivia crack
Honestly I do.

But regardless …
Whether social media lives or dies
We will probably live to tell the tale
And if we die …
Well it’s our new time capsule for
Extra terrestrial life
And future generations …
Just let that sink in.

The Internet



On February 26, the FCC is going to decide if the internet should stay free and fair, or if it should be handed over to the cable companies.
You don’t want them to pick the cable companies.
Join everybody on the internet to help the FCC do the right thing.

The one about Trees


So recently it’s been snowing a bit
And by that
I mean a very minuscule amount
But not here
More like,away from here
Up north
And up to the fifth floor at that

And there’s a thing similar to the joys
Of the ice bucket challenge going around
Where youths are jumping from
Windows into the snow
Oh,and they’re practically naked

I don’t know what they get from this
Other than landing on horribly painful hidden objects
That I’m sure they’ve
Forgotten about
Now that they’re
Buried in this
White magic unicorn dust
Called snow

But I imagine it must be
Somewhat like the impulse
I used to have after it rained
When I was a child
And I would tear outside
On my bike
And ride through the yard
Water spraying from the tires!
Mud! and mud!
Splattering all up my back

And then there was dad
Screaming, half running across the yard Shaking his fist …
Because, we were messing up his grass.

Dad was very protective
Of his yard
Or at least
The Front Yard
I mean for real
You could pull a weed
And he’d replant the weed

One time …
When I was very,very young
And very,very smart
I got tired of
Mowing under all the
Trees in the front yard
Their low hanging limbs
always hitting my face over and over again dragging me off the lawn mower
Gasping for life

Which led me to one of those “once in a lifetime” idea’s
(They call them that not because they’re great but rather,because you shouldn’t have lived to tell the tale)

involved a saw ….
With which
I cut every single limb off the lower half of the trees in the front yard
Not the back yard
The front – yard
Now keep in mind
My father wouldn’t even let us climb the trees in the front yard
We had to go in the back yard to do that.
They looked like
Holiday suckers
All bare and pointy tree shaped tops
And the best part?
I actually thought it was a great idea!
I was so convinced of this
That i walked inside
And told my father
With a smile on my face
To look outside the window
For a big surprise …
And I will never forget…
Him slowly getting up
From his chair
turning to the window
And dropping his coffee cup
standing there in silence
That’s when it hit me
This was a horrible idea
If the tree limbs didn’t get him
The motor oil sure didn’t help

I should add one
Minuscule detail
not only had I chopped the limbs off
EVERY tree in our front yard
I tried to help the trees recover
Because I remembered seeing
That tar smeared on them helped
Slow the bleeding sap
So I got motor oil – because THOSE are the same thing
I smeared motor oil on ALL the trees

So now
It looked like a
Christmas tree massacre!
Motor oil, just running down from the trees …
People were slowing down in their cars just to look and point
While covering their children’s eyes.

dad was still standing there
Just staring out the window

Which was ok
Because my common sense had finally caught up to me
And I was running out the front door
Like a mad man
Fully intending on staying absent until I was at least 75
Unless they could come up with a plan on re-grafting 45 to 125 year old tree limbs
In the next half hour.

And this is what gets written
When there’s nothing else to write


So cooking can be fun
As long as there’s someone to cook WITH
You know,like a social thing
But not a party
Because that’s too much going on
Too much anxiety

I like to cook
At like
That’s the perfect time of day
to be in the kitchen
Nobody cares what you look like
Or what kind of mess you make
You just make your soup
And hand crush the tomatoes
And everything is fun

If you get up alone
Like I do sometimes
Because of insomnia
midnight hunger
From eating like a bird
(I can’t help it)
The kitchen can become a very dangerous place

Take eggs for example
I don’t bake a lot
I’m not quite THERE yet
I’m still on like soups and sliced bread
Apparently eggs go bad
And I forgot about this
Mostly, because I have one minuscule
Incident with bad eggs
From my childhood
And it involved a wooded area
And running …
So I guess I blocked it out

But the thing to know is very simple
when eggs go bad
they don’t just explode
they also become the substance of play-doh

Let me tell you
They do not smell the same
As play-doh
But this can be fixed
By quickly taking out the trash
And cooking mass portions of bacon
Bacon smells delicious
Kind of like pickles
But better.

So if you ever crack an egg
And it just stays in your hand
Like a rock
Or clay
And you’re not in the woods
Where you can throw it at your siblings
Or any other small children
Just run….

The seizing heart

(Photo origin unknown)

They say when a person has a seizure,
Oxygen stops flowing to the brain.
rapid firing of energy lights up like the 4th of July.
And the body receives a surplus of commands and usually responds by shutting down…
Memory loss

I can tell you
For the rest of us
The minutes are hours
And we are much afraid

On the day
Of yours
I waited
And that was the hardest part
And I counted
The minutes
Feeling like hours
And realized all the things
I never said
I love your eyes
They level me
From across a room
I love your lips
your touch can burn me to the ground
I’ve never been afraid before
But just then
I was terrified
Of letting you down

They say the brain doesn’t get oxygen
During this electric storm
But then again
I don’t think I’ve ever breathe
just right
When I’m with you.
you set everything on fire
all I want is every night
And every day
With you

The minutes are hours

(Photo Origin, unknown )
When I was 14,I stood in front of a church for the first time.
Hands shaking-Six pages filled front and back.
My first sermon.
I was certain I was well over prepared.
It lasted approximately,
12 minutes.

When I was 18, I stood in front of another church
With a very different sermon
This would be my last
And I felt very much under prepared
It lasted
3 hours.
I lost my voice.
And hearing.

I remember when I started writing
It was because I had things to say
And I thought they were profound
Now I get choked up
From a dream …
Gabriel,feet shifting in sand
Fists clenched
A rider on a horse in the background
An overwhelming presence of strength.
Or sometimes
It’s a dream about Israel
But most of the time
I don’t sleep
So I get up and take a shower
And try to write

The state has decided to
Legalize gay marriage
But then,being indecisive,appealed it,
And then went for it again
But hey
It’s still illegal to own a vibrator or “sex toy”
(Punishable by up to 10 years in prison)
I keep meaning to google that one
Just to make sure it’s true
But then I forget

I saw where a poet got uncomfortable
And wrote long winded lines
Regarding vagina bullets

We are fighting for feminism
But caught up
In arguments
And fear of our own bodies
the minutes are hours

The kids are not alright
They’re getting sick
From preventable disease
The borders are open
And no one is watching
The minutes are hours
And we keep asking
For more – more – more time

I get up to write
But I don’t feel like a writer
I write it in notes
And I leave it in books

I fell in love with a nurse
And I asked her once
How she handled all of it
She said the coding
The fast pace
The parts that get your hands dirty
Humanity’s core
That’s what she loved
And that’s why you do it
But it’s always the children
That’s when it gets tough

Someone once said “it hurts to become ”
And sometimes it hits you
From no where
But you are star dust
And earths crust
With oceans under your skin
And just as a satellite wakes up
Beside a star
And finds a moon to land on
You have the blood of gods
Burning like Amber in your veins
And we will wake up
One by one
And we will not sleep…