Writing Muzak

Hey,so lately…
I’ve been writing Muzak
And by Muzak
I mean songs
Here’s a bit for you guys
It’s been really fun
And more will
Be forthcoming
(I am not singing
Or writing the actual music
Only the lyrics
So just know
Allie is the kicker lol)

Written by allie
And myself

Written by me
Muzak by allie


So the news that I’ve reached
Really shocked me
why why would anyone want to read this??
I don’t know
I just sit up late
And write things
While eating
And drinking vodka
You guys are awesome

I would
Call all my friends
And party like gatsby


It’s a real struggle

Stay awesome guys
And have a great weekend
May we be celebrating 1000 very soon !!


I can’t walk
You know
The way you
Want me to
And I can’t breathe
In and out
In time

Of events
in my side

I keep my eyes
for daylight

And all my heart
Keeps looking
For running water
Like a ship
Stranded on the high

I’m looking for
Some of you
I’m looking
For a hurricane
They said
“Hurt is like a hurricane “

But I’d trade
For The drenching rain

House of mirrors

We’ve got
A new revolution
We’ve got a world
Full of open minds
We’ve got stellar adds
“All you need is hand”
Standing on the edge of Time

I talked to God
About our new separation
Living off the edge
Of our vitality
It’s pushing through the roof
All of our energy

That frozen panic
We’re a house
Of mirrors
Out in the street
Covered with
With self help
Adds and pornography

I talked to a native
About our new philosophy
He just looked at me

When was the last time
You touched the face of God
When you saw
The phases of the moon
In her eyes
Did you ever
Find her secrets
Did you ever take the time
When was the last time
You felt the colours of
The sunrise
Through her skin
And got intoxicated
From the edge of her lips
Have you felt the earth
Moving through her
Anchored souls
Moving with the tide
Have you ever left
Your body
Have you ever lost
Your mind

Origin (unknown)

lettres de guerre #9

(Origin:Robert Frank)

I understand your darkness
It’s quite alright
The world is
Coming apart
The governments are
Black listing families
Anyone who helps these families
Are black listed
And refused any help as well
On top of this
Marriages like ours
Are taking forever
To file for immigration
Because it’s us
With the Americans
They won’t out right defy america
But they will
Take their time
Some women have been waiting
For years …
We fear we will never leave this place ….
I feel like this most
At night
I feel this gray
But for color

I saw a girl yesterday
She made me think of you
She was cleaning the kitchen
And couldn’t get a spot to come clean
Her mother shook her head
“Use some elbow grease!”
I came back in from reading
And laughed
She was looking hysterical
Through the kitchen
And asked
“I can’t find the elbow grease
Where do we keep it?”

Think of me Charlie
Think of me
Next to you
in the morning
In our flat
Tangled together
Limb for limb
With wine

It’s almost Christmas
I can’t help but romanticize the snow
I can’t help but write you
Letter for letter
You will come back to me
There will always be shadows
I will love you even in blindness
And if your hands have scarred
I will remind them
Of their maps
On my skin
Of how to touch me.
I will mend you.