The fire was rising higher
Licking the trees above us
The cold moving in
Around me
I looked to my right
As my cousin set the
Pillar ablaze
His eyes were glass…
Helena’s screams reached
Well beyond us …my heart was racing her face was disappearing
I couldn’t watch …
I looked away
Darion was dragging
Kicking with a busted mouth
to the third pillar
He tossed her
slamming his fist into her throat
“quiet fucking bitch!
bring me the rope
And sometime today dammit!”
I was sick
I couldn’t breathe
You could smell flesh
And hear it burning
Against the cold
Melissa was restrained
He leaned forward
” I’m gonna let you pray”
He placed a blade to her throat
As she started whispering
My eyes started burning again
My head hurting
I grew cold
Then all at once
I felt the blade
slit her throat
It was just enough
To keep her from screaming
He leaned forward
Staring into her eyes
As they glazed over
“God doesn’t talk to women…witch”
He dropped the torch

fog was moving through the valley
As we rode
To the next village
I looked over to the edge of the tree line
You could see the fog shifting
As men lined the water
I looked over to my cousin
“Who are they? ” I asked
He looked straight ahead
His face went grim
“We’ve awoke something evil”
something cold
Moved inside me
As we waited
You could hear a kind of
fish jumping in the water
And then Silence ….
As fog rose
And then I saw it

shadows moving
Slowly across
I grew colder
They moved with the air
And then disappeared
Falling against us silently
All I could see was blood
I stood there watching
As my eyes burned
Everything fell into a vortex
Blurred but
I heard
As men were reaching
Screaming again
I felt a hand touch me
I looked down
A shadowed figure
above my cousin
He pierced his chest
Gripping his
Heart crushing it

Slowly turning
To me
He rose
I tried to move
I tried to run
But everything was blurred
And cold
And my eyes were burning
And then I heard
Through the air around me
A voice
Like he was pacing me
In a circle

“You’re focused on the light
Look through the shadow.forget the light”

I looked up at the moon
It’s light fell across us
And then I saw the shadows
And I faded into it
Moving between the light
Nothing was blurred
Only vivid…

Origin unknown


photo origin
Your favourite thing
Was words;
You always told me
To tear down
My walls…
But I wasn’t
Really listening
(It’s hard to hear
When you’ve got it figured out)

Loss changes us ….
It’s vivid …
The brevity of time
Can be seen
Frail and flawed
I’m just a millennial
I assumed we …
Would live forever
Or at least until
The world ends
But for
All I “knew”
And all I was “entitled to”
I didn’t know
About time …
About a pill in a bottle
A bullet in a gun
Or a chemical reaction
Called epilepsy
These things had never
Had anyone’s name on them…

Loss Changes us…
And now
I have a lot of words
I didn’t get to use.

But I finally wrote this one down
I took down my walls
And I started to live…


IMG_5094.JPG(origin unknown)

Keep watching
For a sign
As darkness
Stretches across
The sky
Maybe we are all
Out of time
And hey
Can we keep it together
Our voices are
Getting really low
The world on fire
Are you afraid?
Losing your faith
At the marching
In the street

Hear the knocking
At the door
Shackled to the wall

So much and many reasons
How will you ever find
The line

So hey
hope isn’t here
At all
Give me just
A little more
Come on across the line

New York #1

photo origin

When you think of New York
You don’t think of buildings
Or population
Of the weather …
The smell of asphalt
Wet and burning
Which makes the people
Feel more like
Rodents running
You think of
At least I did

I was telling my sister
This at her bar
I great little place
A hole in the wall
I love coming here to relax
play piano at the window
Watching all the people
Moving in and out

She just looked at me
With that expression
And then said
“That’s a whole lot of hyperbole
My bar is getting taxed to death
I can’t pay rent for my apartment
So I’m staying here now …
There’s something to write about.”
Then she stopped and shaking her head poured me a drink.
“Vodka make sure that’s vodka
I said pointing (she hates people pointing)
Don’t give me Rum like last time
I almost died …I could see the world just beginning
As I was falling out …I think that’s actually a quote…maybe?.”
I was only giving her a hard time

It’s vodka …she said dryly
Shooting it down the bar

I always admired her talent

“What’s really bothering you?”
I asked as seriously as I could

She just looked at me
So I went to the piano
And stopped
On the seat
Was a box
Macadamias …

Sara shouted from the bar
“Hey, Annabel came by
she had been baking…again.
She said you seemed upset
So she brought

Was great
The baker and holiday
A great find
To be in New York
To us
it’s where her degree
Brought her
And everybody loves
A city

I sat down at the piano
Shaking the rain out of my scarf
Watching the people outside
Shuffling in all their hurry
I began playing my favourite
melody for rain
Prelude in E minor

Counting the colours of scarfs
And shoots of red hair
Poking out from hats
I wondered if anyone
Ever regretted moving here?
You can’t always go backwards
Even something like this
Can sometimes
Leave you isolated
I needed to start writing
I needed to do something
But instead
I stayed
And I played
Until my sleeves
We’re rolled to elbows
My jacket on the familiar floor
And I was on Prelude D flat
“Rain drop”
As the night shuffled in …
Down the alleys
And the corners
And the rain
Long had given over
To snow


photo origin

I remember
The way the storms came
And how the city changed
I remember
Looking at a rose
Sitting on a windowpane

And I tried to take
A picture
But I just couldn’t
Some things
Should be left alone

And I remember
The way
Your voice would shake
Sitting in the hospital
Night after night
Your hand against the glass
Watching as the storm passed

We can’t change
Like who you lose
Or what classes you fail
That funeral
So unexpected
We are still
That rose
Sitting perfectly
Like your hand against the glass
Between it all


The slow sound of dripping
Finally,she got up to check
The bathroom
She lived alone
In this house
She froze at the door
Her hand at the handle
water splashed
She could hear it
A chill moving through
The door
Opening slowly
The lights off
The water splashed again
She reached out for the light switch
Feeling the wall
The air was ice
The shower curtain was closed
Walking to the tub
She pulled the shower curtain back slowly
There was a thick
As she saw the tub was empty
But suddenly the water changed
to blood
Her throat closed she couldn’t scream
Trying to back out
Closing the door
Turning she saw
two kids
just standing
in the hall
Staring past Her
Hearing a chain rattle
And the familiar sound of water
She turned around
There hanging
Was a woman still wet
Then she saw her face
Like a reflection
Or photograph
It was herself
She was seeing herself