I have no title for this

I worked on a very wealthy man’s property the other day,  an engineer of some-kind.. I always find myself thinking the same questions when I meet people..or work on their land..questions like : who lives here? How are they doing ? I mean sure they have this million dollar house..but is it a – Home?

I see all of the  land –  they  may be at the top of the business market out here on the street. but what’s their  life-like after they  walk inside that door? Are they happy with the things  they’ve done? are they satisfied? are they still dreaming? what would they do different?  sure he has a library the size of my home..but does he use it?

Now I have  no issue with wealth or making wealth..I personally enjoy making money. unfortunately, I also enjoy spending money.  But my point is ..it’s people people’s lives that matter

Is it possible that we spend so much time picking others apart climbing over them chasing a dream …that we miss the fact that they are indeed human – just like us –  somewhere Mr Jones has a home and a wife..he has stress just like you..his markets are down..just like yours..is he able to pay for his home? is he doing ok? do we know?  do we really?

Do we really know?

Why can ‘t we just get to know people, What’s so hard about shaking someones hand and talking with them . what’s so hard about going the extra mile to show that you care..you’re  no one in particular..but you’re someone who cares. Most people give ( if they are like me and I pray you are not ) a pat answer ..Oh Im fine , I’m alright , doing well , man .  but if you look again ..and ask again..  They give up , you’ve already gone further than most. Now that is no formula and everybody is different. My point is  – make sure those around you know you care and  what they mean to you. Think about it. We spend half our time convincing people we’re ok  almost as if one day we’re gonna convince ourselves the same. We can’t it’s not going to happen .

We don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives..but we can love people , We can simply be there. We can learn from each-other and of each-other. We can let those impacting our lives know what they mean to us..before it’s too late. No one is perfect..and that’s ok

we all need love ..we don’t need another sermon ..we need  to be touched by a hand that cares. we don’t need someone quoting scripture..we need to see someone else that has walked on the dark side of the moon . we are not fooling God  and we are not fooling anyone else either. only ourselves.  Give me someone who will walk through this mess with me, give me someone who will help me see myself inside of that stranger in the mirror. And when you do..Help me to be the kind of friend a friend would like to have.  That’s what this is about. and that’s what I fear we’ve been missing.

But that’s just me.

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