For as long as I can remember I have been reaching …something I may never catch ….it’s like attempting to catch a star like a firefly …the frustration – it seems to be so attainable – so possible – I feel my dreams  as rivers breaking dams in my chest as they catch in my throat  and overwhelm me – I want something more – success? maybe .

I wish to be a better man than what I have seen , to stand at the crusted tip  of the earth and walk into the sun .

catching falling I swim the depth of eternity  with the wind at my back  all of it’s chaos all of it’s madness pieces falling around me –  tearing from me .

I will return to this – things falling apart . I know myself , my depths my broken limbs and burning strengths.  Owning my purpose – though parts of me shall always be broken .I will always be thankful .

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