Operation ” paradise “

Who told us life had to go our way ? . Since when do we quit just because it’s uncomfortable . Should Christ have denied the cross? And what about our forefathers ? It’s discomfort, dreams , pain.These drive us to reach for more.Strive to better ourselves . Many would have us level the field – I say it will never work, History says the same. We don’t need a hand out.We don’t need our spirit stifled. Who will lead us if we are incapable of leading ourselves ? Life hits hard it’s true But I’ve seen what the heart of man moved by God can do. I’ve seen the struggle I’ve seen the pain – But I’ve felt the hope.We don’t need a world without accountability. We make decisions,Part of living Is learning to live with those decisions taking up responsibility And that makes us reach for more-More than what we are understanding that in order to preserve a brighter future for tomorrow we must start today .


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