4th of July

Today we celebrate freedom
We’ve heard a lot of opinions on freedom this week .
Where our nation was, where its going .
I remember when tornadoes wrecked the south ……we lost everything . People I knew , couldn’t finish a sentence for weeks …they were trapped in a horrific moment in their mind . They would just stop and stare blankly ….I finally just started taking their shopping list and helping them get what they needed .
We rebuilt …over time …we rebuilt ourselves . That’s what freedom is to me . Being able to see where you are …where you want to be and getting there .

I don’t have all the answers ….no ..don’t mistake this for that .
I’ve been working since I was six
When I was sixteen I got tired of handing my paycheck to my dad and living on potatoes …so I started buying food instead ( maybe he wouldn’t notice ).

Life is not about money
It’s not about things
It’s not about security
Stuff happens
It’s about being free to live the life you choose
I’ve worked out my salvation with fear and trembling
But I struggle with depression
I’m 24 but I feel like I’m 40
I wanted to be in arts
But I’m in business
Life happens
But I have the ability to live and grow
To determine where I’m going to be
Life is out there all around us
To me
It’s about people
Helping people
And taking care of those you love
Living and growing
And never settling
So on this day
When we celebrate freedom
I just couldn’t help thinking about all of us who say we are free
But live in slavery
Slavery to fear
Verbal and mental even physical
There’s all kinds of slavery and abuse
I salute those who have broke free from these things that hold us
May we all live free .

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