Well done Or well said ?

We say we want to see the world
We say we want to change
We say we want to grow
We say we want love
We want

But if I gave you an immigrant
Instead of France
What would you do ?
Would you listen for a story ?
Would you let that sink in ?
Or would you judge them ….

We love characters like Jean Valjean
But judge real ex cons

We want love
Without knowing what it is
We want a one in a million kind of girl
Who wants us to build her a world
And miss the once in lifetime woman
Because she requires us to earn a place in a life she’s already built

We are missing it

What if I told you it’s not in what you say, but in what you do ?
What if I told you our world is about to change ?
Judging people …
Leaving people..
Self righteous
while we’re being filed away and categorized by our GOV
We are the fool

Let love break you
Let life shake you
Let it touch you
The people
The faces
The leaving
The heartache
If only
So that you may know
That you can survive

We want it all
But maybe it’s right here
A little at a time
Capable of changing us
Look for the people
The hearts
Not the world
Not the tour
Not the vacation

We say we want …
But I’m afraid
We’re afraid of all the wrong things
We are afraid of what we don’t know
And trust what we’ve been told .

The ones you love
The ones you see everyday
Right here
Right now
How many faces do you see?
How many do you know ?
that’s what we have
That’s all we ever have
And tomorrow
Tomorrow the life we knew
it might all be gone
Will you be Jean Valjean
Or will you be something else

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