Love is electric Love is shadow

Lovers come and lovers go
Some are quick
Some get close
Only to fade away with yesterday
And we act like it doesn’t hurt
And we act like we don’t care
And we set our face like flint
Even though we’re losing pieces of ourselves

This is what we do …
Forced to set the wounds ourselves
And raise up walls
Because we can’t take it anymore
We’re getting older , we have to live .

And I wonder if you’ve ever been touched
By anyone who really cared
If anyone’s ever waited in the rain
Just to reach across the walls
That others raised

Time will pass soon we’ll be old
And what we held back
Will just be stripped away
So what are we doing here

My scars are very different
We’ve all been hurt
I’ll hold you
When you need it
When you don’t feel
Wild when you don’t feel free
I’ll stay close
Right by your side
I never sleep anyway
And we will live
In the face of those who come to take
We can forget this place
We can sleep away.

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