Do you remember when we were young?
Do you remember when the bear came up onto the back step ?
Or the mountain lion?
What about the satanist’ worshiping in the woods at night?

I do

Mainly because I had an older brother
Who made these events more interesting

I remember he convinced me to walk across hot ashes from the fire in the back yard
Yeah,that didn’t ,that didn’t end so well…

One summer
He threw my hat onto dads ’63 ford ….
then told me I could get it down , by throwing rocks at it …for a 6 year old this was pretty hard …and I was REALLY short! …I cracked the windshield ….but he had a plan …filling our shirts with gravel…we made a pile onto the hood of the truck being closer to the truck might help my chances too…

But then dad came outside and …
Well he saw his sons throwing rocks at his favorite truck ….so yeah .
My brother panicked and I raked my arm across the hood sliding the pile of rock onto the ground . Thus ! Improving the situation greatly by scratching up the paint job .

In addition to all of this
He would tell me stories
About creatures living in the woods
Half man
Half goat
Eater of children
Only coming out at night with the fog
The curly horned monster
Now the name
Is stupid
But when you’re 5 and 6
It’s real .
Very real .

This was my childhood .


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