“My shampoo smells like condoms …
Did they mean for it to smell like this??.”
That’s how she starts her conversations
I know she’s upset ….
We both struggle with depression .
And that’s when she usually calls
So I wait

She finally says
” I’m not one to love
But if I were
I’d prefer it be a writer
If a writer falls for you
you live forever .
And that’s what we’re all after
Immortality .
But I can’t settle down
I won’t be owned .”

She says I need to live before I die
She will not be owned
But she carries her demons inside
She still can’t sleep at night
I wonder if any of us will ever find the time to rest

Her value didn’t change
But you treat her like spare change

I don’t understand

Everything is just an opinion
Maybe we change as we grow
But touch is our first language
It begins as the most honest
Essential form of communication
Maybe sex is not just
Skin on skin
Maybe it’s just as much spiritual
Two souls tied together
Close , intimate , open …
Committed to each other
But then they’re torn apart ..
We tear them apart
Leaving us empty …
Emptier than ever .
it shouldn’t be so
Maybe we are young

Maybe we shouldn’t play these games
Maybe then
she wouldn’t be on the floor with a broken heart and soul
Calling me ….

Maybe in a perfect world
It wouldn’t be this way …
And we wouldn’t be jaded
we could say what we need to say …
And trust what we mean .
Maybe then
In a perfect world
Everything would be different
we wouldn’t be swayed
We would live with passion
We could stand in the face
Of adversity
We would drive all night
And we could live free .
In a perfect world
We would live
We would grow
We would see the way it’s going to be
How it ends for all of us
In a perfect world
We wouldn’t carry these shadows
They wouldn’t haunt us in our sleep .


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