The universe will catch you

We saw cities fall
We saw marriages fail
We saw Mother Nature take back what’s hers
We saw governments rise
We felt empty and void
We didn’t know what to do
Or how to do it
We just felt it calling us
Shot to pieces

We take these empty places
And we pack them with light
Hoping they stick together
Keep us warm in the night

We stare on into the morning
With blood shot eyes
Caring very little what it brings us
We’ve seen the stars fall from the sky

We stumble in against the current
We try to live the best we can
Ignoring the the thing at the back of our neck

We take people
use them
Or ignore them
We take what they offer us and
We pack these empty places
with their light
Knowing soon it will make no difference
How it began
How well we played
We can’t escape our end
We will give in to the thing
That takes up so much
Energy so much life

Maybe this is why the stars fall…
Maybe we carry the universe inside us
And it’s void
Maybe we pack it with hearts and
Jazz, language and sex
2 am conversations and drunken emptiness .
Maybe we pack it with light …until we give in …
Maybe it falls from the heavens then …
Maybe that’s what that is .
Whatever it is
I hope the universe catches us …


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