Love an unlovable, love the weirdo.

I had to share this one

No, wait, it's not my story, it's theirs..


If you want to learn love, like you learned math or your A,B,C’s at school, love a happy person, love the college graduate, the guy in the polo inheriting daddy’s fancy bussiness, love someone who was born lucky and has never been bruised. They walk on the right side of the street, they go through life sailing by boat so they don’t get wet, they go everywhere by car so their fancy shoes don’t get dirty, you will be safe.

They love the same way, delicately, slowly, like a surgeon opening you up with his sterilized gloves, they won’t hurt you or they’ll do it with anesthesia, never truly dangerous, never truly touching you either…

It must be perfect, having safe love around you like a blanket for life.

But if, on the other hand, you are one of those who wants to feel love, really feel it, love an…

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