People like us


I really like your writing, she said
I relate to it . It reminds me of my relationship with my dad ….

Laughing I said , Well thank you. That means a lot .
Back then I wrote differently
You can find it if you look deep enough into my archives .
This gypsy girl , in love with art
the world
astronomy .
She was like the moon , parts of her were always under shadows
I asked her about it once
she said
“I don’t want to scare you away …”
We’ve been friends for a couple years now and she is getting married to the love of her life

I can’t help thinking how we all grow
How we surprise even ourselves
that even our darkest corners are touched tenderly by the sun
We are more beautiful for our scars .
Revealed like maps
for where we’ve been
We are stronger for we have climbed mountains .
We are wiser for we have seen the world .
We are understanding and love without expectation
For we have been hurt .

This is us , the gypsies and the bohemians , the youth .
Growing up .
We didn’t fit in .
We didn’t have a label .
We were numb
But we made it
We lived it
We’re old
But not that old
And we are still living
With expression and creativity .
We’re going to be ok .
Our children are going to be ok
I think it’s funny how we change
How we suddenly are no longer afraid
How we let people in
How we overcome ourselves
How we are suddenly
where we once
Could only dream of being
This is us
This is life
It’s not a fairy tale
It cannot be controlled
But it’s a series of events
A series of decisions
Are we strong enough
To go after the things we want ?
Yes we are .
Anything is possible .
And why shouldn’t we?
After all ….
This is our stories
People like is .

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