What is freedom ?
Is it the ability to pursue what your heart is longing for?
To have a shot
Not a fair chance
But a shot at creating the life you long for

What is religion ?
Is it not a guiding conscious
An assurance when we are beyond ourselves ?
A peace when we are,at best ,
What are we doing ….

People will let you down
You will be hurt
You will be judged
It’s just the way it is
We have expectations
that hold us back
We’re constantly shaken
By what we don’t know
We miss
because it doesn’t look
Like we expected it to

I’ve served on three boards
I’ve seen grown men
Use power
I’ve seen men act like children
insecurity expose itself
And real power sit quietly

I think we are afraid of change
But change is the only constant
The only reality
We are in a constant state of change
We begin dying the second we start to live …change is very real .
It scares us because it makes time
Be felt .
And time is always beyond us
We worry about our place in it
What story will it tell about us
After we’re gone ?
Take the earth in your hands
And feel history move between your fingers like chapters …
And know this is what you’re made of
Pieces of the universe
When you worry about what to do
Go with your gut
It’s in your blood
Your very bones
Centuries have gone before you
And it’s moving through you
Take a shot
Never underestimate yourself
Anything is possible

This is our lives
And it’s ok not to have it figured out
I’m 24
And honestly
I’d rather open my hand
Enjoy visiting my friends around the world and learn something about me
And more about them
Than sit surrounded by like minded people and never grow .
I don’t care what you believe or what you think
Just so long as you’re thinking for yourself

So this is our lives
We will be depressed and we will know joy
Some nights we will not sleep
Because of both of these things
Some days you may only feel
A crippling sadness
But it gets better
I know
And I hope you know few of these days
And I hope you live
A life that is beyond anything you dream . One that gives you laugh lines
I hope you are happy .
I hope you grow
I hope we all do .


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