Best Man



My younger brother got married over the weekend
I had the honor of being Best Man
And I was thinking the whole time
” what the heck am I going to say in my speech ?”
Turns out I forgot all about the speech
I’ve really been giving it for several months now
I just hadn’t realized it.
You see, I was there when he asked her out for the first time.
With a snap of his fingers and a
” well,hey!. How about we exchange numbers…you know so we can talk.”
I talked him up to it.
I just didn’t expect him to do it with me standing there
But it worked.
He totally got the girl.

And I was just thinking
After all the nights out walking the park
And picking a place to propose
And all of the conversations
It all started in a very plain place
A very ordinary moment

And I was just thinking
How we spend our entire lives planning
Our futures
Hoping to be prepared
And then
The real moments
Just happen
In very ordinary places
In just a handful of minutes
How often it alters our entire map
We cannot plan everything
We cannot prepare for everything
Life calls for us to
Simply let go
And enjoy what it brings


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