Thin red line

In the beginning
This was just a game
But then the mood all changed
There’s a thin red line
And It keeps pressuring me
It tells me what to think
It tells me who to be
Hold your breath when it tells you
How to breathe

I hope you don’t lose your step
I hope you keep yourself
I hope when you see how we can’t write
You write anyway
I hope when you’re standing in silence
You raise your voice
I hope when you feel your heart break
You love anyway
I hope you create
I hope you stay confident in the face of what is to come
I hope you understand
That when they say
“We don’t stand a chance they’re watching everything ”
I hope you walk carefully
But boldly into your future
This is what we were made for
Keep this in mind
When you don’t fit in
When you feel too deeply
A current beneath your skin
Immerse yourself in the unknown
The foreign and the strange
This is how you grow

Solutions are not always simple
But they remain
Walk confidently
into the face of a world
That feels nothing
Feel everything
A world that see only themselves
See the individual

When you are afraid to love
Because you may empty yourself
Love anyway
When you are afraid to take a step
Because you are unsure
Live anyway
This is your life
The future is uncertain
But it belongs to you
Take it.


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