Strike one

She looked at me for the first time
And almost laughed and cried
You look just like your father
He was young and strong like you
With that curly hair
You have those Bethune eyes too
Mmm those eyes
He couldn’t stay loyal though
So many women
And he had that temper
That’s why I divorced him ”

I was sitting in a waiting room
Cold and half asleep
With a woman I’ve never met
Who was my oldest brother’s mother
my fathers first? Maybe second wife ….
She was so funny
Straight to the point
Hilarious …. And the whitest hair.
With all this old gypsy jewelry
Really made me miss my grandmother
I realised I don’t have a grandmother .
I’ve never really missed her until just then….strange ….
But I’ve never had a woman who wasn’t an aunt talk about my father….
And this woman couldn’t even look at me. He must’ve really hurt her.
It was the strangest experience.
Someone looking at you
But seeing someone else.


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