The look


What if I told you
you are enough?
What if I told you
feeling so deeply
Everything, so deeply
Is ok
I could never lie
I would rather we be real
Than anything less
Just be real

I sat with my niece and nephew
All night in the hospital recently
It changed my perspective
We all were homeschooled
We all grew up in highly conservative
Religious families
We all wrestle this feeling
That we are not enough
And yet, too much at the same time
We feel things too deeply
We worry about what we might not know
We think too much

I laughed and finally said
” all of this, all of it, can be used
For something, it is what it is.”

You have to live
And the great thing
I cantell you
Is that you are capable of more than you know
You are stronger than you think you are

We are artist
We are writers
We are human
The world asks us to make decisions
Without emotion
But sometimes
We are more than they can handle
Running over with emotions
Like a storm rising inside of us
We are chaotic
We are our own
Don’t let people make you feel like less
Don’t let them add to your darkness
It’s all yours every part
And there is nothing
Nothing you are not capable of
Stop trying to manage the weight
Just lift it
You’re stronger than you think you are
And you’re …
You are your own.
All the pieces
All the shadows
All the strengths
The emotions
The questions
The confidence
It’s all you
You have the look
The look that catches people’s eye
And it will inspire
It will make a difference
Because it’s real
You have the look


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