Today I am not myself
& you well,you….
you’re just the same.
I suppose you never change.
So take all of the pieces to my puzzle
And keep them safe
Is a flower in your ocean
And I’m walking too deep
As it floods this broken house
Set it on fire
There’s no picture frames
With empty names
Just memories
So burn it to the ground
I am not myself today
And you’re just the same
I suppose you never change
Try to write it all out
But there’s just this empty
Page …
So speak in colour
Cut out the parts of me that’ll be the death of me
Leave the good behind
Just set me on fire
My bones are winter
And my voice is coal
I’m selfish and I’m vain
There’s not much left that remains
But when I go flying off the edge…..
You go flying off as well.
So take all of me.



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