Tell me something
Something real
Something substantial
Something you like
Something you are passionate about
What hits you like a hale storm
What moves you
We are pressed from every angle
Asked to decide
“What are your opinions ?
What do you believe?
You have to make a stand
For something
‘Marriage – defined ‘
‘When does life begin?’
‘Pro choice or pro life?’

But what moves you
Really moves you
You see
I don’t want to see freedom taken from anyone
If you’re not weeping
Then you can’t see
But at the same time
I know
If we are arguing over foundational worldviews
And expect to make it be just one thing
Then what happens to art?
What happens to expression?
What happens to us?
As a person?
As the living…
It’s funny how we can touch
And feel
And remember
But then
Our own bodies
Can be harbouring
A poison
That will inevitably
Erase us
Erase everything

It’s funny how we can be arguing
Over and over
And never say
The things that must be said
Before it’s too late

So here we are
Walking against time
Against history
Against fate
Against ourselves
Our own shadows
What will history make of us?

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