From the other side

I wish I could tell you words
That move the best of me
You stand there
hand on my heart
Reaching for the pieces I hide
But I can’t just let you in

And I have never ever
Felt like this before
I have never run so far
But I didn’t have to stay here
I didn’t have to carry this so far
I didn’t have to break down
And you didn’t leave me
After all

You say
You really love
the lost
The hopeless
Forget about
The misplaced
Almost perfect

You are jealous
And I’m running out of time
You want all of me
Or nothing
And you said
You’d find me
You’d call me
But you won’t wait forever

And I can’t seem to
Find the words to set myself free
And I can’t seem to unlock the best of me

I see
Shadows when I sleep
I see
The rest of me
That you won’t love
I see
My confusion
Did I get lost on this?
Did you come back to touch this?
Did you

You said
You won’t wait forever
And I didn’t have to stay here
I didn’t have to settle
I didn’t have to burnout
But I can’t seem to find
The words
To unlock the best of me
I know
Your hand on my heart
Your eyes
They burn through me

the rest of me
I can see
You want the rest of me
All of me
Or nothing
All of these edges cut deep
As your eyes burn through me


3 thoughts on “From the other side

      1. You are very welcome. I have a loved one that was constantly fighting with his critical mother, who was always seeming to accuse him of mistakes, beat on his weaknesses (which are few) and make him feel miserable. One day I said “just hug her, she needs your love”. It took him three months to take me up on it and that year, on Mothers’ Day, he hugged her and said “how’s my Mummy?”. Her face lit up and since then, three years later, she lights up the minute she sees him and he runs to hug her. I know.. seems so simple, but it was so very difficult for him. I saw the before and after, so I understand his fear. Thing is, that this entirely changed his relationship with her. Although he felt that she looked at him as a failure, she felt that she failed him and that he didn’t like her. Now there is no misunderstanding by anyone who has the blessing of seeing them together.. They let out the barriers, let down the walls and became vulnerable to each other and found happiness.

        In a relationship, it is the same. You do risk losing the person, but so much is gained through giving this part of yourself. I don’t know your partner, so I can’t say if it is right or not for you, but only share the little that I do know from my own life.

        I pray that either way, your heart finds happiness.

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