HIMYM (finale)

This was supposed to be about
A yellow umbrella
Not a blue French horn

Honestly I think we all knew how this was going to end
I have been saying it for years
And in a way it only proves that even with the best ending that everyone wants with every show they’ve loved
We’re still going to be unhappy
I just have mixed feelings about it


20140403-043840.jpg Barney and Robin?
Maybe I’m just used to strong
Fiercely independent
Female characters
Who would
NEVER go back to an old love
I just…

But I’m a Joss Whedon fan
Son,I’m used to sudden and inevitable betrayal.
Unhappy endings
No ending
No closure
All of the above is better
Than what you gave us
Because it was from the network
Not the writer
Yellow umbrella
Not a blue French horn …

But maybe
I don’t know maybe
It’s too much like reality?
If you love someone you do whatever it takes…
It’s easy to let people go
And then suddenly they’re gone
And life is really just about relationships
Who we love
Who we bond with
who we let go
It’s timing
And it’s growth

So maybe it’s not the preferred ending
But maybe it’s the best
I don’t know
I’m still really mad
It’s like watching One Day but in real time ….


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