Welcome to your Roaring 20s

Your twenties
This is what you envision
You live on your own
Life is going to move pretty fast
You are going to hit the top
And then build an addition to it

And then you’re going to settle down
And just enjoy your fortune
And fortunate life
That God has blessed you with

And life says …
“It ain’t gonna happen”
At some point we all become bohemians
I don’t know when it happens
But I moved my bed into a separate
Threw out the god forsaken frame
And just put it in the floor below the window
I have no money
I’m not successful
I’m a student
Who loves people
Which really means
I tolerate adults
And listen to their stories
But show me a child
And I’ll sit in the floor and colour with them while they sing every song from Frozen
I’m almost 100 percent positive
That it was never intended I grow up
There must have been a mistake
Somewhere a distraction was made
And the accident that was intended to take my young adult life missed me
And here I am
Maybe it was when I tried to rinse pasta and stir it with my hand ?
(Don’t stir pasta with your hand)
Or when I helped that kid change his tire and out of no where,hailstorm.
Or when I left at two am to get a coke
I have cravings late at night
For a sandwich and I have to have a coke,ok
Unfortunately I wake up with this craving and always forget I have stairs
I remember one deadfall later
But this night
What I got was two tickets
Because apparently I forgot to get a car tag and it’s raining
So you are not not not going to talk your way out of that ticket
Unless you’re British
Living in America

But seriously
When did we become adults?
Much less artist
We moved
I haven’t got money
I have no power
I’m living with oil lamps
And a bed in the floor
And piles and piles of books
I feel like I jumped through time
It’s fine
It will get better
I have a plan
I’m just like
This is crazy
I was talking with an instructor
at school (this is one thing I’m good at)
And she was saying how
Art majors is where it’s at
You can’t get any other job right now
So everyone is going after what they originally wanted
What they have talents in
What they are gifted for
And it’s really the rise of the artist
Free thinking
Creative individual
So if you relate
Just hang in there
It will be ok
It will
This is our roaring 20s
Nobody has it together
No one
We all just fake it
Like Indiana jones
We take it a day at a time
Some just fake it better
And that’s ok
Have a great weekend everybody



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