So great a salvation

Go with me to a dark place
Draped with burden
Where Jesus is praying
So stressed that his sweat becomes blood
We are no more like Jesus
Then when we pray for others

The cross
Borrowed from the Persians
Inflicted by the Romans
To prolong death
The torture
The pain
The isolation
And suffering
This was the cross
He knew what it was

He came for the lost
The hopeless
Not the misplaced and almost perfect
There’s nothing we can ever do to be enough
Because we are enough
He sees us as we are
And chooses us

It’s about depth
And compassion

We read through the bible in a year?
Who cares
Are you better than when you began?
Are you growing?
Is it changing your life?
How different is your faith today
Than when you first began ?
Are you trusting?
Are you loving?
Where’s compassion
Do you love yourself?

We have this image of God knocking at our hearts door
And waiting forever but he’s a jealous God and he will not wait forever
It’s not about escaping hell
It’s not about fireproof it’s about a relationship
Surrendering all
Not pointing a finger
Not demanding people get it right
Before we help them
“If you had known what this means, ‘I desire compassion and not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the guiltless.”

He wants us all
It’s personal
With nations falling apart
“I surrender all”
With our families falling apart
“I surrender all”
With our soul falling apart
“I surrender all”
This is the essence
Of the gospel
Not profiles
He’s about restoring your soul
Freeing us from isolation
Walking with us
The lost
The hopeless cases
Not misplaced
Almost perfect
We were chosen
So we live and we live
If we fly off the handle at people without understanding
And compassion ?
Then what are we
We must live like Christ
Because we know
What we have been
And what great salvation
This truly is.



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