A simple life lesson

Life is pretty simple
We complicate it
Our mind bothers us
Not other people
Not their minds
For example
I had a really great beard
But then I did something
Really brave and really stupid

I shaved it

This is not detrimental
But it took like six months to grow
I don’t just grow a beard in a week
I’m not that guy
It’s an endeavor for me
I’m impulsive
And the razor broke in my hand
And I accidentally shaved too close
And it got ridiculous
My point
My point
Is this
Life is very much the same
We do things
And it’s not so much what’s being done
As to how we react to what we’ve done
That’s important
We live
We learn
And if we’re living
We’re learning
And growing
And it will be ok
Breathe easy
This is how you learn
This is how you live
It’s ok
Be gentle on yourself
And with others
Don’t be wreckless
Don’t be two faced
Be intentional
Own yourself
This is the only way you can be intentional with your giving
And remember
A choice
You are free to own your life
(And it’s never as bad as it feels or looks.really)

Like for real tho.
You can always start over


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