But there are
Inside my heart
From where you
Walked away
The words
You said…


7 thoughts on “Lines

      1. I don’t know
        I’ve always been very personal with my writing… I don’t know how to be anything else… It always brings a connection that surprises me …and I’ve met a lot of people through it …
        I think heart break
        It teaches us
        If anything
        To be real
        And intentional
        And gentle with others hearts
        And that feeling is really something
        We all know I think.
        But anyway
        Thank you again.

      2. I very much agree with everything that you have written..

        I think it can go 1 of 2 ways when you experience heartbreak. You can become hardened – which is understandable – trying to protect oneself and finding it very difficult to trust (see my post ‘You Lying Fungus’ under favorite posts, right hand side of my blog) OR you DO gain that understanding that helps you to be more open and loving towards others, particularly when it comes to relating to those who have gone through a similar situation.

        Sometimes you experience a bit of both…

        Life can be strange…

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