L st

The thing about adulthood
It’s shaped by childhood
Our perception
Expectation of it
We have to change it
grow into it

I am good and bad
All kinds of emotion
ghosts of my past
conflicting with my future

I am seeking
I am striving
I am running

And I’ve reached my edge ….

Am I enough ??
Secrets have a cost
The truth does too

The ghosts
The pain
I’m a house on a hill
Like a cage
With it’s empty rooms
Haunted by the moonlight
Never owning it’s truth
Neither one or the other
I am both
And I need balance
I need courage
I need to own myself
But first
I must kill the ideal
First I must accept my truth
I am ghosts
I am fallen
I am empty rooms
I stare up at the rain
And feel the energy cut the air
Shake and rattle my bones
I feel my youth


4 thoughts on “L st

    1. Thanks guys,and yes,it’s been bad tonight I just got out of our storm shelter. I’m hoping everyone stays safe it’s pretty widespread. But in other news…I have a wedding in a few hours that I am thrilled to be photographing.

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