A Davis wedding

In the midst of all the weather
The past couple of days
There was a wedding
Out in the woods
At mentone wedding chapel
Almost separate from the rest of the universe
Like a fairy tale
The grass was green
My mum had a special glint to her eye
My best friend was probably the most nervous I’ve seen him
But in a good way




It was such a beautiful moment
Mostly because it was my mom and best friend and two incredibly warm families ..

After everything we’ve been through
Over the years
Financial crisis
Business adventures
We’ve all grown
We are our own
I realized
In that moment
Standing around all these warm friends and now family
We are our own
And we made it
We are making it
We are growing
We are owning what is ours
And giving it to another
Choosing them
That’s love


My younger brother
Newly married
exemplifies this
We don’t have to have the answers
We just have to own what’s ours
And know that we are enough
And choose

Love is a choice
I realised
It’s not someone justifying you
Or completing you
It’s not long words
And grand acts
It’s arms to hold you
It’s being there when the moment requires it
It’s boundaries
It’s choice
It’s you loving all the good and bad
In you
And them
It’s you knowing who and what you are
And giving it to someone else
Or at least I think it should be this
Not expectation
Or ideals
Or illusions

In that moment
I realised that we all are going to be ok
We all are living
We made it
And it was ….
It was art
It was worth everything

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