New change

I’ve always had this weight
In my gut
About how it ends
We don’t look
Just self righteous
And vain
With chemical
and honest attention
Just out of reach

Tell me where are all the people?
That should be able to see ?
(Or did they just leave)
Militant action
Lining the streets…
the new
Look for relief
It’s becoming apparent
We’re the new virus
Infecting the skyline
Soon they’ll remove us
Are you ready my friend?

Do you like all your faces?
Is there room for me
With who you’re becoming …
If it shouldn’t fit well
It’s ok
there’s a new version
Of you just around the
as I move further
Further away
I think I like my
New depression
Who I’m becoming
At least
I can see
The words here
To say

I carry on
carry on
Our hearts
Are strong
With eyes
In the sky
Voices overhead
There’s still
Words they can’t say
they can’t feel
Come what may
It is
what it is
We are who we are
And we
Carry on



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