I don’t know
I think it’s
Not so much the person
As it is
Our image of them
Our image of ourselves
And expectation
Of what life should be
And how we interact with it
Based on our first encounter
With it
You can live
Half a lifetime
An illusion
You created you know
So it causes
Because you never
The rawness
The intimacy
The closeness
Of who they actually
And what they bring
To the table
Or even yourself
For that matter
Who are you?
Do you even know?
Or are you living
For someone else?

It’s all of this
I think
Verses reality
It’s more than
One little thing
It’s a whole bunch of things
And character flaws
And whisperings
I’m still trying
To figure it out


6 thoughts on “

  1. Just one word amazing and the feeling you get with the way you have expressed your thoughts so beautifully yet so simple.

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