She’s right there…
Right there
And I know
I could walk over
I could kiss her
I could say words
I’ve said before
I could be
More of this
Less of that
And she would say
“Well that’s fine”
I could use the ocean as ink
The earth like parchment
She would find words
On every building
Behind every wallpaper
Pieces of me
only to say
“I don’t really understand art”
She had me at a place
That I’ve never been before
And I could easily empty myself
But it’s only words
For her …
Words are only words
And nothing ever works
And there’s all these excuses
And I could easily walk over to her
She’s right there
And I am right here
But we’re
Different plains
Two people
One room
Different seasons
A gap between us
Filling with water
But only one of us
Are drowning


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