Hold your vision

The conversation was over…
I felt it in the room…
The energy damp
The old veteran was crying
But looking through me…
I was non existent
More or less
I felt like a ghost..
“They asked for everything
Haven’t we given enough?
Was it enough?”

These things seem to happen a lot
With me
People just begin talking
And I listen to their stories
What I’ve come to see
Is quite simple






After the Second World War
A film came out titled
The Red Shoes

“… we had all been told for ten years to go out and die for freedom and democracy, for this and for that, and now that the war was over, The Red Shoes told us to go out and die for art.” -excerpted from Michael Powell’s A Life in Movies

It’s ok to feel things deeply
It’s ok to create
It’s ok to be awkward
It’s ok to die for art
It is expression
It’s your words
Your heart
Your soul
Don’t fear the future
Don’t be bitter over the past
We all have stories
Everyone hears them
What we need
Is something
That is in you
That is dying to be heard
To be understood


The prospect of a future
Can be overwhelming
Trying to grasp
What you can’t hold
Or see clearly
It’s only a vision
That vision
That idea
That question
I ask simply
Hold your Vision
Hold it

To the young scientist
We need you
To the engineer
the dreamer
The Visionary
The artist
The ones
with their elbows and ankles
Coloured with
And earth
We need
Hold your vision
Do your thing
Regardless of these issues we face
You are the difference maker
The youth
The unafraid
Willing to understand
To ask questions
Turn over pages
And stones
You are important
You matter
Our future
To you
No one else
We are living
And their is nothing
We cannot do
We must create
We must build
With trembling hands
And weathered
The things that matter
The stories
The art
The medicine
The stars
The depth
Of the oceans
This is yours
If it’s in you
Don’t let it die
Inside you
Hold your vision
This is what living
Is about
It’s what peace is about

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