The stories we tell 2

The kids always try to sell me off
To women
Like I’m in an infomercial
“This is our boss!
He’s single!
ATLEAST we think!
He’s so devoted
And loyal
He’s been here for ages!
This is his laugh
It’s a nice laugh
It’s ok if you don’t like it
He has other kinds
He’s taking his jacket off now
he gets warm when he laughs
He’s really tall
He has talents too!
He writes!
He has a stalker
That means he’s famous! ”

If we ever have a new employee who thinks I’m cold recluse etc
the guys come up
X-man : Wait! He’s got game!
He’s just got a business to run
But when he’s not here..
There’s the girl with the bug remember ?? She was here every day for like three months! Everyday at 5
Sid: I’ve never seen any single girl
find more reasons to buy food than that girl I was expecting a wedding!!
So much kissing….
Me: guys…guys…
Both: and our personal favorite!
The summer of 30!
a 30 year old
She was HOT
There’ll never be another…
He’s got game
He just knows what he wants

Me: guys …I have a number in my mind….
isle 2,3,4,5, and ice cream filled and fronted before 7

Sid: right
X-man: right

Just because elderly women tip you
Like 5 bucks if you give them a hug
doesnt mean you should…
They have nothing to lose
They will grab you they will kiss you
They will
Not let go
You’ve been warned

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