I met Sarah in a line
At six flags
Rambling off excitedly
Expressing words
With her hands
She had this energy
About her
Her pixie cut
And green eyes
That intensified
When she looked at you

She was especially
To wear her high waisted shorts
T shirt tucked in
Flats on

Pointing out a
Crescent moon shaped
Across her knee cap
“I have one there
And on my hand
It was swollen,and
I thought, Whoa I better get this
Checked out
It could be something ya know??
Like one of those things you see
On Greys Anatomy
It was genetic
And they had to remove
Ligaments and scoop out tissue
And shit
It was bad
I was so depressed
I didn’t wear shorts
Or anything that would show the scar
For like two years…
But now I realize it’s part of my story
Ya know?”
She laughed and watched as our ride dropped off the skyline
excited screams fading out
High pitched and adrenalin fed

You forget certain things

Things you shouldn’t
How they curl their toes when they take off their shoes
How they cover their nose when they laugh
How they look at you
When they already know what you’re going to say

It’s certain things you can’t remember
You know you shouldn’t forget
But you do
Little by little
Trying to be perfect
Trying to
Guide it
But you can’t
You just have to let go
And enjoy it…

So that’s how I met her
I jumped across a platform
Didn’t even get on my ride …
Stopped her
And completely out
Of breath
Something like
‘This is going to sound crazy…but…’
Her eyes went thin
Her lips turning at the corner

“crazy is the weather
It’s seasonal
Just say it.
Just do it.”

“I’ve been surrounded by people
Hundreds of people
All day
And yet
You’re the finest thing
I’ve ever seen…
What’s your name?”

You forget things
You miss things
Don’t forget the laugh
The eyes
The way her hands
Ring when she gets excited
Or nervous
It’s small things
But it’s
All there
How they toss their shoes to the side
Without caring
The flowers pressed in between
The pages of a journal
Filled with lines
About you
And even someone
Before you
Its life
And it gives and takes
Like waves
And we fight it
But the best
Is to move with it
You never
Know who’s island
You may end up on ….


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