Not all tea is the same
My friends in the UK
They drink you,know
Warm tea
I had an argument
For three days
With another friend
Whether or not
Our sweet tea is actually
Hydrating us
Or dehydrating us
You know
You hear things
And read things

I lost that argument
It is about the same
As water
So raise a glass

I ran into a guy
At McDonald’s today
And we started talking about sweet tea
and how not everyone
Knows about sweet tea
He told me this story

“I was working with a nuclear plant
In he 90s and we had to go up to Green Bay. We asked for sweet tea and they took our order and came back with a tray…
seventeen different teas
I said “no ma’am sweet tea.”
And she said ” I don’t understand”
I said “dear god we’ve passed the Mason Dixon”

It was like this several places until
Finally we found this one
And they were great
They came out
And asked us
“How do you make your tea? We will make it for you.”
So we told them
Six Lipton tea cup size
Two cups of sugar
And all that
And they finally got it right
We drank for the next six weeks
Six gallons a day

when we left the owner said
“You guys really drink this stuff!!
never have I used so much sugar.how are you not dead?”
And I just laughed and said
‘Hey my granddad lived until he was 108 and he drank that recipe every day of his life …ain’t nothing in the world wrong with it.’

That’s the story of sweet tea



3 thoughts on “Tea

  1. I have my suspicions as to the provenance of this saccharine tale. I wonder that perhaps you have sugar-coated it. Either way, it is an enjoyable read. Well done.

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