June 27th

I didn’t sleep last night
Instead I called my sister
Or she called me I don’t know
She was sitting in her window
With a cigarette writing
And I was sitting on my counter
With liquor- trying – trying to write
Somedays are like that
We feel like we have to write
We had something but then we lost it

I hate wasting words though
I’d rather listen
Than waste words
You know me though
I still ramble
I still burn my hands
Attempting pancakes in the morning
I’m very much a lightweight
I’m very far from perfect

I texted a friend of mine around 4am
A nurse- I knew she’d be awake
She was
I wrote a long
Overdue letter
Mailed it to HI
And left for work
You realize how used to anxiety
You are
You rush
When you don’t have to
You grip the wheel
Look in the rear view
And you don’t have to

I stopped to buy deodorant
Because for everything else
Hey it’s ungodly hot in the south
You can cut it with a knife

I’m staring at the deodorant
What’s cheaper than 5 dollars ?
Everything is 5 dollars …

“Hey,how are you ?”
It was from the end of the isle
The clerk
An Hispanic girl
“I’m alright,how are you?”

Paying for my deodorant mined from
Moria …has to be why it’s so expensive

She looked up at me
“You look nice today”

I slept 5 minutes
I do look nice today
I’m not anxious today
I’m not depressed
Per say
I’ve got my mind made up
These are our years
You know?
And some days
We don’t have to be doing anything
Saving the earth
Writing the next earth shattering
Directing the next Dark Knight
We just need to hear
“Hey,you look good.you’re doing good”
And have a good conversation
It’s ok to breathe
It’s ok to walk away
It’s ok to just
That’s June 27th



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