A Sarah Kay

I like things
With history
Ghosts with stories
The typewriter
You run a hand over
Feeling Sylvia Plath

The grandfather clock
Where you saw
The ghost of a boy
Standing by the stairs

Hard sole shoes
And classic rock n roll
The Rolling Stones
Dylan’s lyrics
The world at war

I prefer old things
But I could use
A Sarah Kay
Tell me to take her in
But stop writing her
With my eyes

We wouldn’t have to pretend
Because we’d somehow understand
Some of us live
Some of us die
And sometimes we see them
In energy
Passing through time

A Sarah Kay would be nice
And open
She would
The layers
Like tree growth
take time
The space between
A tide
And a wave
she would
Trace it
With fingertips
Filling the blanks
On the map
With notes

We’d take photographs
Of galaxies
Connect the dots
Making our own constellations

I like things with ghosts
I like a good story
So we would
Take it all in
And write it all out
Leave out
All the mess
I could use
A Sarah Kay
She’d understand
That silence
Those layers
And just laugh
When I wrote her
From across the room
With my eyes
Because she’d know
And leaving
A Sarah Kay
Man,that’d be nice


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