“I can’t find anything on your site!”
My friend,Katniss threw her hands in the air…in complete frustration
“Did you look in my archive?”
“Yes! But I don’t know what month it was when you wrote it”

She was looking for something
Which I have never had to do
Mostly, because…
I know what’s on here
I put it there
So I’ve never had to go
Looking for it
But when I tried searching
Without the advantages
Of the administrator
I gave up
And used google instead

I’ve had this site for
3 years as of last week
And it has been a trip
Like me
It has been very unorganized
Topics bleeding into each-other
And then hard to find

After katniss’
arm punching frustration
I spent half the morning
Reorganizing this thing
All you need
Can be found
in the drop menu
Inside the header
And for everything else
Just scroll down
There you will find
A calendar archive
search bar
category list
top post
recent post
As well as a link to my twitter
And contact information
It’s all there
easily accessible
I hope it helps

Thanks again for all your support
I hope you all have a great weekend!


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