The big dance

All flags half staff
In the cold September air
I remember when
The world we were living in
the world we fear

There was a man
My dad used to buy tomatoes from
He was always
In an old school bus
With grass grown as tall
As a man …
I didn’t understand
It was his home

Back then,
Sitting in tent revivals
And driving to people’s homes
Sitting in kitchens
Until midnight

I didn’t understand
About two story towns
Or how a cut hurts
But it’s the burn and the scar
The memory
that hurts worse

I didn’t understand
The thing about people
justifying cravings
And convenience
Wih “god is on our side”
I didn’t understand about people getting bored
Or fathers leaving
About girls not being women as long as they’re not born
So those “rights” don’t apply to them
I didn’t understand
So I was angry
And Wrote
A lot of junk
But now
I understand
The difference,
We are made of stars
We are made of earth…
We may never have it together
But we’re still playing
For keeps…

And there’s a girl who comes to my door
It starts at her
Heels and
Ends in her eyes
she is
Like dark energy
Things disappear
When she’s near
But she’ll take you
Where lightning goes
To hide
Until it hits the sky

And we’re all dressed up
With immigrants and Russians
Coming in
Just in time
For the last big dance
And my brother got married
And my father died
And the man in the mountains
With the 17 year old wife
Something happened to his story
Inside that bus…
And I remember.

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