He adjust his tie
Sits down
The air grows cold
“Well,I must say,you are not what I expected…”
Well death is a strange experience
It’s not what I expected either.
“Let’s cut to the chase”
You’re a spirit
“We’re all spirits
But it’s my job
(He leans in)
It’s my job to make sure you
Don’t come to this realisation
Only,with you,
Death got in the way … ”

Death is strange
When my grandfather died
I remember
A lot of people smoking
A lot of whispering
Shadows standing in corners
Someone’s hand constantly on my shoulder…

When my father died
It was cold
And raining
I was much older
And suddenly
Everything stopped
I could feel every fiber of my being
I could see fire
As if the earth had opened up
Angels standing in the distance
As spirits swooped in and out
Standing before us
I looked for god
I looked to the stars
As I felt a connection
Between the earth
The spirit
And the stars
But he was not there
And then I felt
A hand
on my shoulder again
So I walked
Between the rain drops
And stood before the spirits
And understood
Nothing would ever be the same
If I died young
No one would search through
A pyramid of work
To discover who I was
Because I bleed out
Lean in
Its all here
There are
Nor have there ever been
Any secrets
Death is strange
It’s hyper aware

Something happened
Where all the spirits
Became aware
It started small
I heard a kitten
I looked for it down the hall
But saw the figure of
A child
This happened three nights
The air would change
And then one night
I had a letter
In my typewriter
“What happened to me?”
The air shifted
I could see my breath
I turned around and it was the figure
And wet

A little girl
I read on
“I was warm
I was home
And then I was dead

That night I dreamed I was in a field
Killing children
Blood covering my boots
I woke up
And a figure
Was in my room cold
And bleeding out
It was a woman
On my table
Was a letter
“What happened to me
Why am I dead?”

I typed
You were aborted …

She didn’t understand

The blood ran faster down her leg
She spread her arms
And as if to say am I not a woman ?
And then she was a little girl again

Ice on the floor where she was standing

And then she changed her eyes red
Only this man with a suit came in
And she fled

So what’s going on?

He laughed oh…
“it’s so great
Because you think you have time
I was there
When the world went to war
I was there
When we hung Jesus Christ
I watched the blood flow
I was there
When the earth spun out from the stars
I was there
When Reagan died
I was there with the women’s rights
I was there
With Israel
Change the numbers 1 for a 2
9 for an 0
4 for a 1
0 for a 4
It doesn’t matter
Yesterday for me
Is today
Whether the earth is 5000
Or six billion
It’s all the same for me
The call has been made
You’re out of time
The spirits are awake
And I need you
At any sign of Christ
Of hope
Of religion
Or shunning it all for shadows
And depth
I don’t fucking care
It’s exciting!!
His face went serious and cold
Ice formed on the surface of the table
So long
As you forget you are
Spirit beings
When you make that connection
You become dangerous
You become aware
You become singular
It’s my! Hour
This is time
You waste your gods blood
Let’s see you tremble
At the sight of your own
Of your children
At the sight if the earth
He cracked his knuckles
Adjusted his suit
Straightened his tie
And took the stage and was gone ….

I whispered
The trouble is
You think
You have time….

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