Millions and millions


Death takes no
Only life does that
We worry
About what we look like
What we say
What we write

They say
Time exist within movement
For example
If you move faster than light …
Time ..
Ceases to exist for you
You do not age
You do not know
The passing of centuries
Or years
So in essence
Is movement
It’s value is
In that we die

But why
The chaos
Why the battle
The struggle
The confusion
The space
Between the atom
The cold floors
The low ceilings
The hard soles
On concrete
The marching
Of millions and millions …
The space of time
The distortion
In what we see
And what we know –
What we’re told
And what we

There is a thing
In science
Called quarks
You can’t separate them
The energy
Used in the effort
Feeds them
Bonding them together
And if you were to
Hit them with enough force
To cause a separation
The one would
pull another
Out of the fabric of space
So you now have twice as many …

I hope
You dream
I hope
You double up
Against the things that hit you
I hope you move
Against time
I hope you create prolifically
I hope you chase the light
And run against it
Beyond it
I hope
You win
I hope the chaos
Feeds you

We were born
For this
We were made
For movement
For questions
For answers
For this
Space in the fabric
Of time.


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