Moving Piano

I can’t play piano
But if I could
I would be really good
People assume the same thing
Someone actually gave me one once
Were I in an industrial rock band
I would be great
But I’m not …
And I don’t have the patience
When I play it sounds
Like hell coming to your home
Or Vincent Price
Knocking on your door
It’s not a good feeling
Unless you’re into that

Dad got our mom
One when we lived
My older brother
Marked it by
Carving the word
On the back
With his pocket knife…
It was the 90s
We were young
And barely noticed the bombing
Of the World Trade Centers
Or anything else for that matter

A decade later
I hauled that piano
Into my Z71
Excited about putting my
Primitive moving abilities
To the test
Strapping it down with a single
that had to be at least
100 years old and not in a strong way
This would be my first mistake …
the piano fell on it’s side
The tie broke
My second mistake
Would be
the bright idea
To just pull the thing
Out and catch it on it’s way down
This of course
was and continues to be
A bad idea for so many reasons
Mostly because
My name is not Chuck Norris
Pianos falling from trucks
send me through walls…
It landed on the tailgate
Someone screamed
I pulled
My brother pushed
There was light
Then weight
I went through a drywall…
Don’t try to catch piano’s
Ever (unless you’re Chuck Norris)

mom still plays
I remember her saying
It’s something you have
Or you don’t
If you have it
It’s emotional
Like Jimmy Page
That’s what makes it music
It moves …
But somewhere
There is that old piano
With the markings
Scratched on the back
Forever stuck in the 90s…


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