on women
are like books
This may not make sense
But that’s because
Women give you pages
As they feel like it
You don’t get the whole volume
You get a page at a time
But not in order
Your job
Is to read them
Put them together
Give them back in
The right order
Women will accept you
And make a space for you
In their life …if you do this.
But if you edit the pages
And hand it back
With red circles
And underlines …
You’re just an asshole
Don’t edit the page …

Now there are other women
Who hand out pages
Blank pages
Be careful
one day
She will wake up
she’s going to want to
Fill her pages ….
You want your fingerprints
To be of understanding
And confidence
A memorising of her silent
Words in Braille
Not editing
Or additions …
Some women project things
They are not authentic
But we all do that I guess…
We live in an invironment
That says
“To define is to limit”
This makes intimacy rare
So when you get the page
Be open
Feel for Braille
Put the pages together
And give them back
Focus on you
Be authentic.
And you’ll be ok.
Don’t let your fingerprints
Leave memories of
red circles
And underlines …
Let them leave
And understanding.



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