These precious

I met god
When I threw
Religion away
He just shook his head

I ran into death
In the hallway
rubbing the back of his neck
Just standing still
Whispering ….
In every tongue
With his cold steel eyes
And his long thin hands
He didn’t see me
He looked right through…
Talking to himself…
When I asked him why…
He said “these times are dangerous
These days are cold…
And it’s always children …
It’s always children.”

I just stood there thinking
As he faded away…

I found love
When I stopped trying
I found life
When I finally had enough
I found Jesus
When I got off the cross
I found America
When I saw her fall

I saw you there
When I realized
We’re uncommon
We’re unique
We are unlike anything

We don’t have a definition
For this…earthquake


I found
In history
Our only enemy
Comes from inside
Inside our minds
And the pages
And the streets
With blood and language
intentions are defined
And lady liberty
With Mother Earth
Still weeps
With intentions
Be more of yourself
Be more uncommon
Be strong
And of courage
Don’t give up the dream.

It’s this earthquake
It’s these precious
It’s this page
I found…


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