Did they tell you about the lines? The ones without a bar,the ones without rhyme.Can you write them out on the page to fill the empty space inside your head?.The words inside turn sour,the words inside …play dead.

Did anyone ever tell you,about how the world slips slowly away?.Did anyone ever mention while we were growing, the possibility of words filling up all the space …and understanding ..defining …all that we feel.Thats what I want to know – what I feel.

Someone once wrote that they slipped away at a very young age …almost off the page …I can’t remember who or what or why…but I believe them.

All echoes are gone-war is done.And you wait for the rain,On your battle it futile to hope,it washes away some of the pain afraid your scars stain the life you live.

Oh hope
Oh light
It warms us
But illuminates
The demons
That play with


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