There’s an echo in the back of my mind.There’s a shadow I call it mine.I don’t know where it came from.The world I left behind?.
I can’t say for certain
The status of my mind…

There’s rain on the ceiling.There’s silence in the street…there’s a war going on somewhere…out there.
There’s no room for disbelief.

Be stubborn child,be strong,you could be walking on clouds,you could be swimming in the deep,but you call it drowning.Never mind the definition.Never mind the blood on her hands,never mind the overwhelming,the attempt at breathing.

I picture us going down swinging
I picture us going down without a fight
I picture us standing in confidence
Know that we mean something
We have something
Worth feeling
Worth experiencing
Worth taking from us …
Oh make this easy
Make this yours
Shake the borders of your dreams
Your extremes
Look at it for what it is.

I don’t have the rule book
I only know what I feel
And what I see.
So trade in your
Gold and your silver.

rain on the ceiling
An echo
A shadow at
the foot of the hallway
Beside the stairway
Outside the window
The rain
The empty street

all these rules
We’ve made for ourselves
To define ourselves
All these borders
With fences and wire
Inside there’s you and
Set yourself free…



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