The empty faces leaving
empty rooms
The empty space
between me and you.
you could see
On the way down
how our pieces hit the ground….
Listen for the echo
Take what you can

We are older
But filled with opinion
As the lines are drawn
the gods make ready
Our blood will spill
It is always all for the price
Have you no loved ones
In exchange for you…

I write in my notes…
Watching the day turn grey
I couldn’t tell you
How it all began
It was slow
And then all at once

my Bella
My love
she goes down
Dressed in grey
With a paper flower
In her hair
For all the children
She digs graves
To fill with shadows
Of what was once instead
Vivre pour soi
ou exister pour les ?

I think these things …
Angry things …
Screaming out
Like the lunatic
They think I am
They can meet my fucking faces …
But when I look across
I hear the sirens
I see the others standing
Blood filling the street
Their faces empty
Their eyes are empty ..
Void…draped with grey
I move my body
Everything is so heavy
louder …
Snow falling …
human ash …
As I move my feet towards
Her…digging …she looks up at me
Say my name
I’m not a number
I’m not a condition
Say my name
I’m this blood in the street
When you come for me
I’m this ash in your hands
I’m these chains on the walls
Say my name.
I’m this body
Weighing me down…
I’m this moment
But not this grey
I’m still human.


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