Things I don’t handle well

I Was doing laundry today
Not that today is laundry day
It’s just another day
But I needed clothes
So I did laundry

I picked up a shirt to wash
My favorite white one
When I noticed
A dead spider on the collar.
A spider I don’t remember killing.
I don’t handle spiders well
Or the thought of spiders
My skin always starts to do that retraction Thing the one
Where it crawls and moves
And repels.
I Shook the shirt…
You know,to verify the evidence
Make sure the thing is dead.
unfolds it’s legs one by one …
Expanding substantially
I hit it with my phone …
It was the closest thing I had.
a leg landed on my hand.
I’m now done with life.
My skin has left it’s frame
I quit.
I just thought you should know.

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