Were I a realtor
And you Canadian
Lets just pretend ok?
I would bring you to
Alabama during the fall

Summer,I like it.
We’ve never hit it off well.
It’s too hot
And dry
too many
Like,some years
It’s clockwork
Every Friday
Like a ball game
Nature plays against us
It brings a whole new meaning
To “Roll Tide”
Believe me.

I have a friend
in Florida
We both share this crazy
Affection for the cooler months
How much so?
she spends most of
October thru December
In the kitchen baking
With 90s films
And lights
On everything
As in – everything is decorated.

It’s something September does
My birth month
You start listening to jazz more
And Frank Sinatra
Or chopin and Debussy
You just slow
Way down
And feel everything

Maybe it’s just me
Or because I haven’t
Lived in a winter state
Or maybe it’s because
I was born in September
But I like the fragile nature of it
The colours change in the mountains
As you drive day by day
everything becomes
A canvas for art
People move from up north
Just to experience it’s surreal

You can feel the heartbeat
Just before the holiday rush
Kicks in
The Ice
Mixing the air
It’s more intimate
And somewhat sad
But it’s a raw connection
With everything
Around you
Made vivid with
Image and colours
And it transitions us
Warm drinks
leaves on the ground

Autumn is perfect to me

I always think of Robert Frost
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
That’s how I feel about it

You can keep summer
I prefer this.

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