lights shown over the mass of students,reporters flashed cameras,tech men hurried across the platform,setting barriers,testing sound,securing the area.
checking iPhones
ink pens
This moment
Was historical
A speech before
The world court
No one noticed the clouds
Moving in
No one noticed the rain
As the president
Off to the side
Breathed in
Clinching his fist
Checking his watch
His notes
His iPhone
An encouraging
text from his wife
To his side
Stood the British Prime Minister
Who laughed and said
“To think,15 years ago,technology that connects us like this…unthinkable…the pun is..
Now we don’t just have mad men who want to watch the world burn…
They invite us to watch it with them.”

Stepping out

I remember the night
Of the attacks
Black Friday
Shopping malls
And cinemas
Entirely unprecedented
Not even 9/11 brought this kind of gray cloud on us
I was at Annabels
Doing research for an article
On arts and social media
Annabel was busy baking
Expecting Nina anytime
We never went anywhere
For the holidays
Especially Black Friday
We introverted – together
This was our tradition
Crashing at each other’s places
Eating left overs
and putting in terrible
90s films
Nina came in arms heavy with
Packages to wrap
In the center of the room
“I think you should forget Elizabeth it’s been entirely too long
You need to go out – live a little.
Don’t you think so Annabel??
Get a gym girl.
It’s completely rational.
That girl was a bitch.I mean,it’s not like she could help it though,she didn’t believe in eating organic…it was really dietary.” She laughed at her own humor..”I’m glad I can say that now…without pissing you off…”
“Hey” I said “it’s whatever”
“hand me the tape will ya,make yourself useful.”

“Holy ….fucking hohh.”
“What’s wrong!?”
Annabel collapsed in the floor holding her phone.
“Check twitter …they’re attacking malls…it’s everywhere…it’s …”

The crowded room fell silent
As the president waited
Looking them
The lights
The corners
The journalist

“In recent months
The world Court
Has unanimously
All sanctions and bars
being lifted
In an attempt for
They now determine
Their own jurisdiction
They may
order the UN to step in
Not only federally
But including
State government
if they deem it necessary.”

The room shifted
Cameras went off like
Voices whispered
Into ears
This was not “the prepared and endorsed speech”
This was new

His face was determined
Grim and filled with courage
I am asking you tonight
All of our efforts
Toward peace
And harmony with
One another
Do you feel safe?
Today we are faced
With one of the
Brutalist enemy’s on this earth
We’ve been spending a great deal of time talking
Well I think it’s time we ask ourselves
What’s the price we might pay?
Our enemy’s intentions are well known
This is no program
This is mad men
Who can not be reasoned with
Their plan
We watch our world burn.
On their timing
They have killed women and children
And Americans
The world wide nature of their plan
Is a blood soaked reality
Our plan is simple
We hunt you to the end of the earth
We take your families
We take those who sympathise
With you
We finish it.
We win.”


Wasn’t like I thought it would be
we had those who were afraid to speak out
We had those who believed in human rights
But what we didn’t understand
Was simple logic
If you’re for human rights
And you’re able to raise your voice in
Without fear
Well damn
You’re already freer than
Most anyone the world over
But instead
The world court
Stepped in
We were numb
To the police
The borders were open
They were mad
About the Speech
They legalised
All immigrants
But forgot
We have more than one border
Other races
Were livid
Our allies said good bye
I watched the race riots
On social media for a while
Until Israel left us and our deals
On the table
It was funny at the time
Our awesome
Literally comes from Israel
Wifi dropped off the face of
Our nation like a black hole
Due to the riots
We were thrust into a primitive
Like gangs in the melting
Pot of cities beginnings
Annabel,Nina and me
We took to the caves
In the mountains
We waited
For it to die down
Nothing happened
Like it was supposed to
Nothing happened like we’d
Been told
Some say this is how history was made
Some say
This is new beginnings
But everyone questions
Whether this is the end

I always heard that
Just before Kennedy was assassinated
There was a great weight and burden
Over many people
The same for 9/11
I don’t know
I do know
There is no words
To measure
weight and burdens
I look out
And I see
I see Annabel writing
I remember the streets
And the lights
The people on their
Commute home
For Christmas
I remember a vet
From Korea
Who once told me
He could swim
He could fight
And jump and do
But old age
Just took it from him
It was shameful
It was rape
I thought of him
The other day
While I was crawling through
The tunnel Nina planned out
Elbows scrubbing the earth
On my back just enough space
For my hands to touch my nose
Gripping the grooves overhead
Pulling myself forward
This gets us to the caves

I don’t wish death to take me
Or anyone
I live day by day
Hour by hour minute by minute
Moment for moment
This keeps me from being
This keeps me alive


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