Highway 11 (Annabel-dreams)

You know the feeling you get,when you’re driving late at night….and you think you see a figure
Standing on the side of the road…
It’s usually to the side of a road sign
Or just underneath it…

What if you continue to see it
What if it stays when you look again
What if you could hear it scream.

What about the feeling you get just after that…
The one where you feel like
There’s a body in the car with you
Emanating heat…
It’s just a shadow …
A presence …
Your hands grip the wheel
You look to the passenger seat…

They say, her name is Annabel
She appears to motorists
On the side of the road
Only at night
Midday if it’s raining
Or overcast
If you hear her scream
just as you’re shoulder to shoulder with her –
Her jaw dropping wide –
High pitched – screeching…
You feel it moving through time and space
More than hearing it..
You’ll never mention it to anyone.
And her eyes….
cold,solid white…
Sometimes black….

She was a student at the local
Community college
Dating a media journalist from outside of town.
Manic depressive
Very anxious
Family issues
Her mother left
Just after her father
Gifted her with a house

Annabel disappeared
On valentines day
Exactly 9 months later
Haunting of highway 11 began
It’s said
Her boyfriend
Angry,after another
Very common fight
drug her
To her mothers house –
That house she hated
Chaining her to the porch
During a storm
He left her there
Screaming into an anxiety meltdown
In the dark
With the abandoned house
Of every bad memory
And demon she feared
And hated

she walks the highway at night
You See her in your headlights
And even hear her screaming ..
You’ll tighten your grip
Feeling a presence
Look to the passenger seat
A pitch black presence beside you
As your stomach lurches

You’ll carry her home
She’s very patient
Until the night
When you hear her
In your halls
Step by step
The floor protesting
Her presence
Outside your bedroom door
She’s there with you.
Maybe you make it home…

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